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Are you hosting a party with absolutely no intention to cook? No worries, we provide you with an impeccable catering service from 25 persons on. Whether you are looking for Asian canapes or wedding banquets. With our many years of experience and your wishes we will create a tailor made menu for your occasion to surely amaze every guest that will attend your event.

Mail us for more information or walk by our restaurant.

Email: tijgerlee1@hotmail.com

About us

For as long as 22 years have we been part of the Amsterdam East-end community. We have been the proud, and happy owners of Restaurant Fook-Sing ever since we took charge of it on January the 1st, 1991. I, Chef de Cuisine Lee, am in the kitchen, taking charge of the “woks” and am responsible for a well catered, delicious meal. Mother Lee, our talkative, intrigued, and caring hostess is always on hand to welcome guests and discover more about our audience, ensuring that our guests are always satisfied. We are the proud parents of two children, Saumie and Danny, who can always be admired at the restaurant on Sundays.

With our restaurant we have always implanted our cultural heritage. Since we are originally from the Canto regions of China, we find it very important that our ancestors love for food is shown through our cooking and service. When we serve our food there are two things which are vital for us; high-quality food and cooking, and fresh produce, as well as a spice of creativity.

In Chinese culture there is a saying which goes: “民以食為天”. Literally this translates into; “The people see food as something divine”. In our kitchen we embrace this saying, and try to reflect it into our art. With this saying in mind, and the belief that that we will always be able to embrace food as an art and a way of silencing our hungers, as well as my passion for the (Chinese) cuisine and cooking as a whole, has led me to the decision to open a restaurant and provide people with our food and our vision.


Thursday to Monday 16:00 - 20:00